Carbide Create Video Tutorial Series

Job Setup

Before jumping into Design and Toolpaths, learn how to setup the job you are going to create.


Basic Shapes

Create your design using all of the built in tools. Basic shapes are the foundation of all designs. This tutorial explores what basic shapes are and how to use them.


Boolean Operations

Boolean operations help create accurate non-traditional shapes by combining regular shapes. Using booleans to create combined borders will also help constrain your toolpaths.


Manipulating Objects

In this tutorial you will learn about moving objects around the canvas and transforming existing objects.


Offsetting Features

Learn how to use the built in offsetting feature to create linked offsets to existing objects.


Background Images

Importing image files such as png, jpg, and bmp allows you to create designs from an reference image.



Toolpaths are the ultimate goal to CAD/CAM work. These instructions will tell your machine where to move the cutter, and how to actual make your physical design.


Custom Tools

Carbide Create comes with a healthy library of standard cutters to choose from. However, if you need to add your own custom tool to the library, that can easily be done. Follow this tutorial to find out how.



Carbide Create comes with built-in V-Carving. Use this feature to create ultra detailed work, v-carving is great for signs and desings of all kinds. Watch this tutorial to get started.


Holding Tabs

Add holding tabs to your design for an easy way to keep your finished part from breaking free of the stock material. Watch this tutorial to learn more about holding tabs.


Saving and Simulation

Learn how to save your toolpaths as gcode and use the built in 3D Simulator to preview your work before moving over to the machine.




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