HDZ 3.2 Assembly Guide


Thank you for purchasing a HDZ. We hope you enjoy your purchase!

If you have any issues following the below please contact support@carbide3d.com.

To carry out this modification you need basic mechanical skills and an understanding of how the Shapeoko is assembled. The installation should take under 2 hours. You will need basic shop tools and a metric set of Allen keys and spanners (the tool kit that came with your Shapeoko should be adequate).

During your installation please refer to the videos provided on YouTube - Luke’s Garage (We will be creating a comprehensive installation video shortly).

Your HDZ comes 95% ready to fit, however a number of parts (listed below) will need to be transferred from your existing Z/X axis.

Please use the screws provided. Note the screws used are metric, usually M5.

Once fitted please ensure GRBL settings have been changed. DO NOT HOME UNTIL THIS HAS BEEN DONE.

Within your box are 10 small green caps, these fit to your axis slider rails - they have not been fitted as there is a small chance you need to re-align your rails.

Close-up of the small green caps.


Each HDZ comes with the following hardware as standard (this is all required to attach it to your Shapeoko)

  • 1 x EZTram Dewalt/Makita/Carbide Compact Router spindle mounting plate
  • 2 x M5 18mm screws for the top of EZTram plate
  • 2 x M5 10mm screws for the bottom of EZTram plate
  • 2 x Eccentric spacer for EZTram

  • Shaft coupler
  • 4 X 40mm Z motor supports
  • 4 x 25mm X motor supports
  • 8 x 10mm M5 Screws for motor stand offs

  • 2 x HD Eccentric nuts
  • 4 x Replacement V-wheel
  • 4 x V-wheel shim
  • 4 x M5 x 25mm Screw for V-wheels
  • 2 x M8 30mm X pulley screws
  • 2 x M8 Washer

  • 10 x Green dust caps
  • 4 x Black sledge - this is used if you have to remove a carriage
  • Z Switch bracket


Your first step is to remove your existing X/Z carriage from your Shapeoko. To do this turn off your machine and unplug it.

Disconnect the router or spindle and remove it from the spindle mount.

Remove one side of your X axis belt tensioners and place the belt from the X axis to one side.

Remove your electronics protection box, disconnect Z and X motors. Remove your Z and X Limit switches from the Z/X carriage. To remove the axis loosen and remove your lower eccentric nuts and bottom V-wheels from the bottom of the axis and remove.

Your Z/X can now be lifted off your machine.

Remove the X and Z motors from the old axis.

The Z motor will have a gear pulley on it. Loosen the two small grub screws. In some cases this will still be hard to slide off. We recommend using a screw driver or the back of a claw hammer to lever it off. Once the motors are off, also remove the bearings and spacers for the X belt idlers. Along with the spindle mount and screws.

Upon assembly it’s up to you if you use thread lock we suggest adding it after if any screws become loose. If you decide to use thread lock use blue – i.e. light/medium grade.

Assembly: V-wheels

  • 4 x V-wheels
  • 4 x M5 Shim
  • 4 x M5 x 25mm screw
  • 2 x M5 Eccentric nut

The HDZ comes with a spare set of V-wheels, you can use these or your old ones.

Fit the top two V-wheels first using the provided 25mm M5 screws. Ensuring there is a spacer between the back plate and the V-wheel.

When the top V-wheels have been fitted, lift the carriage onto the X axis beam. Then fit the bottom V-wheels in the same fashion. The M5 eccentric nuts go into the 7.14mm holes and the screws will screw into these. As you fit them ensure the V-wheel grooves are on the rail.

Once on ensure the carriage moves freely left/right on the axis. Don’t worry about having the eccentric nuts fully tight at this stage.

Shims - Please fit it with the bubble side up i.e. on the left and not in the right. If your V-wheels are not turning freely check this washer.

M5 Hole positions for the V-wheels - note V-wheels and washer are not shown in the photo.

X Pulleys and Supports

  • 2 x M8 Bolt
  • 2 x M8 Washer
  • Existing M8 Spacers & bearings from old carriage.

The following can all be done with the HDZ on the X beam. Ensure you have easy access by rotating the machine around.

Fit the spacers and bearings that came from your old Z/X to the included 30mm M8 bolts keeping the provided washers at the head of the bolts. Screw into the new Z from the REAR.

Fitted correctly your mounts should look like the below.

Note the Screw head/Washer/Bearing/Bearing/Spacer combination.

M8 hole positions.

X Motor and Supports

  • 4 x M5 25mm support
  • 4 x M5 x 10mm screw
  • X Motor

There are four threaded holes in the centre of the carriage just above the M8 bolts. Insert the 4 x 25mm motor supports into the 4 holes. Please note these are aluminium. Do not over-tighten them.

When the spacers have been fitted, fit your X motor using the 4 x M5x 10mm screws provided.

Motor Supports.

Motor with Spacers

Z Motor and Coupling

Motor Coupling

  • 4 x 40mm supports
  • 4 x M5 Screw
  • Z motor
  • Z motor switch bracket

Placing the new coupler on the ball screw slide it down as far as it goes and tighten the lower side of the coupler.

Place the Z motor switch bracket on the top of the HDZ with the fold on the right hand side facing down.

Screw in the 4 x 40mm motor supports into the top 4 holes on the top of the HDZ. As before careful not to over tighten.

Slide your motor shaft onto this coupler and position the 40mm spacers (either all at once or sequentially as bolts are fitted). Then, fit your Z motor using the 4 x M5 x 10mm screws provided.

Once the motor is fitted, tighten the coupling at the motor side. Note you need to ensure these are tight, failure to do so will cause a slip. A small amount of blue thread lock on the motor shaft and ball screw shaft won’t do any harm.

Z Motor.

Spindle Mount


  • Spindle Mount & screws
  • 2 x M5 x 18mm screws
  • 2 x M5 x 10mm screws
  • 2 x M5 non threaded eccentric nut

The EZTram spindle mount is a great feature on the HDZ. It’s easy to fit and makes tramming your spindle a lot easier utilizing 2 eccentric spacers.

Using your existing spindle mount and screws fit it to the new EZTram mount ensuring the recessed holes accommodate the screw heads and tighten. Feel free to use some thread lock here.

Next place the EZTram mount on the lower front of the Z axis and fit the two provided eccentric spacers to the two 18mm screws. Thread these into the holes of the HDZ.

The side with the groove of the eccentric spacer indicates the lowest point. Lightly tighten the screws so the eccentric spacers can move (tramming instructions are below).

Fit the two lower 10mm screws and keep these finger tight.

If you are using the 80mm spindle mount there should be no need to tram the motor left/right, as it’s precision milled. Fit the 80mm mount to the holes on the front of the mount. Use the provided M6 bolts. Note you need to use 2 washers on each of. the lower screws.

X Limit Switch

Remove your existing X axis limit switch and transfer this to the HDZ using your existing M5 bolts and spacers to the new carriage. There are two threaded M5 holes on the right-hand side of the carriage for you to use to reattach the X axis limit switch.

Z Limit Switch:

Fit your existing Z limit switch to the silver bracket using your existing hardware.

Fitting the new axis to your machine & tightening the V-wheels

If you didn’t do this when fitting the V-wheels here is some detail on how it can be done.

It goes on as it came off… however there is a difference. Since the HD eccentric nuts are threaded it is necessary to place the nut in position and thread in the screw while preventing the nut from rotating.

Tighten the screw first so it’s finger tight, rotate the nut to get the correct tension on the V-wheel and then fully tighten the M5 screw with the nut held with a wrench/spanner.

To adjust the tension on a V-wheel loosen the screw by 1 turn, rotate the nut to the specified tension then tighten the screw. The axis should move freely but should not rattle. Please note the standard Shapeoko setup does not use as tight a tolerance as that used on the HDZ. It is possible to over tighten - if so you won’t be able to slide your X side to side.

Plug your motors back in and re-fit your electronics enclosure.

Refit your X belt and set the tension

Tramming instructions

Once your spindle has been re-fitted you can tram it using the EZTram mount. You can now tram your spindle quickly and easily. As a starting have all your EZTram bolts finger tight. Rotate both eccentric spacers to their lowest points (slot up) then rotate to level out your Z. Tighten your screws.

Firstly tram the front to back – using aluminium foil as a shim. Once you’re happy with the front to back move onto left/right.

Loosen your 4 EZTram screws so they are finger tight then using a spanner rotate the upper eccentric nuts left/right. This will lower or raise one side of the axis, adjust accordantly to tram your axis. Once satisfied, tighten the screws. You might need to repeat this process a few times doing a small surfacing cut between to analyse your level.

For further advice on tramming please use the community.


The HDZ is pretty much maintenance free. We recommend keeping it as dust free as possible and a quick coat of synthetic grease (such as the Super Lube 41160) to the rails/ball screw every now and then does not hurt. All parts are rubber sealed. You can also inject grease by removing the central M4 screw from the end of a bearing block and injecting machine grease through a syringe.

The Black plastic sledges are used on the off chance you have to remove a slider block. As the block slides off a rail, slide the sledge into the block. Please DO NOT remove a slider block unless you are comfortable doing so - ball bearings can fall out.

Re-aligning the guide rails

If you need to loosen the rails and realign do so by loosening the 10 x M4 rails screws by half a turn. Then jog your X up/down a few times and re-tighten. Once satisfied fit the caps by pushing them into the holes on the rails ensuring the are flush with the rail - the ball end of a screw driver does a great job. These help prevent dust entering the bearing block.

Starting up

After confirming all your limit switches and motors are connected correctly and that there is nothing restricting the Shapeoko’s motion you will be ready to turn the Shapeoko back on and make the software changes. Check the video below for a quick overview of this process.

The HDZ is supported by CM 4.0.17 onwards - do not try to use an older version.

Connect your Shapeoko power and plug your USB cable in.

Open Carbide Motion and turn your Shapeoko on.

Click the “Connect to Cutter” Button - moving straight to settings on the top right.

DO NOT TRY TO HOME THE SHAPEOKO OR JOG IT before applying the settings.

Select your type of Shapeoko and tick the box “Use Shapeoko HDZ” then click the “Send Config Data” Button.

The config data will send - wait till this has finished.

As you have disconnected multiple switches it is good practice to test the limit switches. This can be done by pressing each switch in turn and checking it is highlighted in the “Active Inputs” on the settings page.

Once all switches have been checked you are ready to use your Shapeoko again!

Click the “Jog” button top right and then proceed to home and use your Shapeoko with the HDZ.

Happy milling!



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