Getting Started with Nomad Pro

Unpacking and Layout

Open the Nomad box by cutting the tape across the top seam. Take precautions to preserve the box while opening. If your machine needs to be moved or shipped, the box is the only way to ensure safe transport of the machine.

Nomad Pro Layout

Once the box is open, you’ll find a black envelope that welcomes you to the Carbide 3D family, a box that contains the accessories and another that contains the power supply. Remove all 3 of these items from the main box

Carbide Create

The machine weighs approximately 65 lbs and is designed to rest on the front and back panels. It is important the entire machine fits on the table and the table is sturdy. With two people, reach into the box and from the bottom lift the machine up and out of the box onto a table. Remove the foam panels and place them back into the box for future transport.

Carbide Create

Tilt the machine on its side so you can see underneath. Clip the zip ties that are holding the foam padding from the Y-Axis rails. Take caution not to ding the rails in the process. Remove the foam padding and place into the main box for future transport.

Nomad Pro

Set the machine back onto the table. Open the acrylic door and remove the foam padding from the X-axis by clipping the zip ties, taking caution not to ding the X-rails in the process.

Nomad Pro

Installing the Wasteboard

Open the accessory box and remove the 8″ × 8″ MDF wasteboard, hardware, and the Allen key that was included with your machine. With your hand, grab the table and pull it towards the front of the machine.

Carbide Create

Use the Allen key to secure the wasteboard to the aluminum table by lining up the holes and inserting the M5″ × 12mm low profile socket head cap screws. While tightening ensure your MDF table stays square with the aluminum table

Carbide Create

Installing the Collet and Nut

Remove the collet, collet nut, and both wrenches from the accessory box. Unpack the collet from its tube and snap the collet into the collet nut. This is easiest if you set the collet nut on the table, and using your thumb, press the collet into the nut until you hear a ‘click’. Once the collet is clicked into the nut it is secured in place.

ER-11 Collet and Nut

With your fingers, insert the collet into the spindle and thread on the collet nut to the spindle. Use the small wrench to hold the spindle while using the larger wrench to tighten the collet nut.

Carbide Create

Installing Carbide Motion

Carbide Motion

Carbide Motion is the machine control software for your Nomad 883 Pro CNC machine. You’ll need to install this software in order to operate the machine. You can download the software (Mac and Windows) here.

Once the download completes, double-click the file and follow the instructions to install the software to your computer.

Install MeshCAM


MeshCAM is 3D CAM software that can convert 3D models such as STL files, into G-Code for your Nomad 883 Pro. MeshCAM can be downloaded at . You’ll need to download v6.0 or higher.

Note: MeshCAM requires a license code to active it. You should receive a license code via email before your machine ships.

Install Carbide Create

Carbide Create

Carbide Create is the 2D CAD/CAM software package made by Carbide 3D. This software is ideal for designing 2D and 2.5D parts, has built in 3D previews and works flawlessly with your machine. You can download the software by visiting this page.

Connecting to the Machine

Nomad Power

Open the power supply box that was included in the main box and attach the mains power cable.

Ensure the power switch on your Nomad is in the off position, then plug the power supply into the side of the Nomad 883 Pro, noting the orientation of the plug. Also note the plug is a locking connector. Never unplug the power from the machine by pulling the cable, always pull from the plug.

Plug the mains cable into an outlet.

Attach the larger end of the USB cable to your Nomad 883 Pro and the other end to your computer. Turn the power switch to the ON position.


The Nomad 883 Pro is a serious machine that should be treated like any other power tool. The following warnings must be followed:

  • Always wear safety glasses when operating the Nomad, even if the protective door is closed
  • Always keep the protective door closed unless the machine is stopped and you need to change the cutter or stock material.
  • The cutters in the machine are sharp and should be treated with care, even before they are mounted in the machine.
  • Never reach into the machine while it is running — it is possible to pinch your hand as the cutter moves around or badly cut yourself if you touch the spinning cutter.

Above all, use common sense. There are lots of ways to get hurt if you do not treat the machine like the power tool it is.

What’s Next?

Go to the tutorial section of the website and work through the three introductory tutorials. These projects are designed to introduce you to the Nomad 883 Pro workflow and get you started using your machine.



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