Shapeoko Quickstart Guide

Assemble Machine

Step 1

Install Carbide Motion

Step 2

Run Hello World

Step 3

It has been a time-honored tradtion in the Shapeoko community to christen your machine by running the Hello World file.

Read the Tutorial

Install Carbide Create

Step 4

Your First Project

Step 5

finished coaster cadcam

The 1-Project Crash Course to Using your Shapeoko

In this tutorial we will walk you through making your first project — a simple set of coasters.

We will go over many of the fundamentals of using your Shapeoko to create your own projects.

Read the Tutorial

What’s Next

Step 6

Here are a few projects to get you started.

Relief Sign

Make this relief sign of the MAKE magazine mascot, Makey! Full Instructions


If you are interested in making a hold down pattern on your baseboard with threaded inserts, follow this tutorial.


Make your own set of clamps by following this tutorial.

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