Step 1 Inventory

Welcome… and Congratulations!

You are now the proud owner of the Shapeoko XXL, an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use CNC machine…

Open The Box

Your Shapeoko XXL should arrive in a single box. If you opted to include a compact router, it will be shipped in a second box.

The primary shipping box has dimensions of 48 x 26 x 12”. The box weighs approximately 149lbs. One side of the box has two holes (shown in the image below) to help in removing the lid and identifying the top of the box.

Carefully cut the tape that is sealing the box’s lid to the box bottom before removing the lid.

Remove the components

After removing the lid, you will want to carefully remove the various boxes, boards and wrapped hardware inside. Some of the boxes are held tightly in place by cardboard inserts; rocking the boxes side-to-side can help release them from their insert holes.

Remove and place all the items in a location where they will not be dropped or have something dropped on them. In particular, you will find two pieces of MDF board. These are the two halves of the Shapeoko XXL’s baseplate.

The two halves are thick and tough, but until you are ready to begin the installation it is recommended that you store these two pieces of MDF in a location where there is no risk of spilled liquids until you need them.

Once the shipping box is emptied, you should have the following 9 items:

Item Quantity Description Other Info Package Dimensions
A 1 White Envelope Packing List and Zip Ties 8.5″ x 11″
B 1 XXL Final Assembly Box Components to complete assembly Labeled
C 1 Y-Axis Left Carriage Left Y-Axis Assembly Labeled
D 1 Y-Axis Right Carriage Right Y-Axis Assembly Labeled
E 1 X/Z Assembly Contains X and Z axis carriages Labeled
F 2 MDF Pieces Found Below cardboard divider 42″ x 29.75″ x 0.75″
G 1 Aluminum Rails Packaged 3 to a bundle 40″ x 7.5″ x 3.5
H 1 Cross Straps Contains 3 identical pieces 40″ x 7″ x 1.5″
I 1 End Plates Contains 2 identical pieces 45.5″ x 8″ x 2″

Once you’ve removed all the contents of the shipping box, it’s time to open and inventory the boxes and wrapped hardware. Below you will find a checklist that can be used to verify you have all the hardware needed to complete your Shapeoko XXL.

Final Assembly Box

Carefully open the XXL Final Assembly Box and inspect its contents. Many parts are packaged in small plastic bags, and smaller bags may be inserted into larger plastic bags for shipping purposes. You should find all of the following in this box:

Item Description
A Baseplate (Wasteboard) Hardware (18 pieces: M5x25mm BHCS)
B Spindle Mount Hardware (2 pieces: M5x55, 2 pieces M5x16mm)
C Belt Clips and Hardware (6 clips, 6 pieces M5x10mm)
D Serial Tag
E Warning Decal
F Drag Chain Bracket Kit
G Makita Bushing Adapter
H Spindle Mount
I USB Cable
J Power Supply
K Tie Downs and Zip Ties
L Tool Kit (Allen Keys: (5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5mm), Wrenches (13, 10, 8mm)
M Power Cord
N Thread Locker (non-permanent)
O Sharpie Permanent Marker
P Belting (3 pieces: 1200mm)
Q #201 1/4” Square Endmill
R Adjustable Leveling Feet
S Extrusion Hardware (24 pieces: M6x12mm BHCS)

Y-Axis Carriages

Open the boxes labeled Y-Axis Right and Y-Axis Left Assembly and visually verify they match the images below. The Right and Left Assembly components are mirror images, but the boxes they were shipped in are labeled; it is recommended that you leave the carriages in their boxes until needed.

X/Z Assembly Box

Open the box labeled X/Z Assembly and visually verify that the items inside match the image below. After verifying the X/Z Assembly, place it back in the box. The box should contain the X Carriage and Z Carriage as well as a bag containing two springs and a bag containing the Idler Assembly. The Z Carriage is the smaller carriage that is wrapped in packing paper.

Aluminum Rails

The three aluminum rails are packed together, each rail is wrapped in a cardboard shell and secured with plastic bands while leaving the ends exposed.

All three wrapped aluminum rails are then secured together as a single unit using plastic bands. Carefully cut all plastic bands and remove the cardboard from the three aluminum rails.

Examine the three rails and identify the following:

  • Rail with the Shapeoko logo is the X-Axis Rail
  • Rail with two (2x) mounting holes is the Y-LEFT Rail
  • 1x Rail with no logo and no mounting holes is the Y-Right Rail

After verifying the three aluminum Rails, place them back in the box until needed.

Cross Straps

Box Dimensions: (40” x 7” x 1.5”)

The Cross Straps are packed together in a single cardboard shell and secured with plastic bands. Carefully cut all plastic bands and remove the cardboard from the Cross Straps. Examine the container and identify the following:

End Plates

Box Dimensions: (45.5” x 8” x 2”)

The two (2x) End Plates are packed together in a single cardboard shell and secured with plastic bands. Carefully cut all plastic bands and remove the cardboard from the End Plates. The End Plates are identical. After verifying the End Plates, place them back in the box until needed in Step 2.”

Note that the End Plates have inserted PEM nuts which are threaded. These allow for the addition of threads in plates which otherwise would not be thick enough to have threads added, and to do so without the manual operations of drilling a precise hole and then forming the threads with a tap. Each such PEM nut should be inspected to verify that the threads in it properly formed and that it is firmly and squarely in place.

MDF Baseplates

Box Dimensions: (42” x 19.75” x 0.75” each)

The two MDF Baseplates are identical and packed unwrapped in the bottom of the shipping box.

You may want to consider sealing the baseplates with a suitable finish such as spar urethane or lacquer.

After you have verified all the components, it is time to begin assembly. All the tools you need to assemble your Shapeoko 3 have been included, but a large table or workbench will be helpful during the assembly.

The completed dimensions of the Shapeoko 3 are 45”W x 40-1/2”L x 16”H so a table larger than this is recommended.

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