Step 7 Cleaning Up

Secure Y-Axis Drag Chain

Align the free end of the Y-Axis Drag Chain approximately 1” behind (towards the rear of the machine) the Controller Box as shown in the photo below.

Use one of the provided alcohol wipes to clean the area directly beneath where the end of the Drag Chain will rest. Cleaning the rail will provide a better contact point for the VHB tape used to secure the Drag Chain to the rail.

Use one of the two provided VHB tape squares to secure the free end of the Drag Chain. Peel one side of the tape away and press it firmly on the rail where the Drag Chain will rest as shown in the image below.

Peel off the upper side of the tape. Lift the Drag Chain slightly to clear the tape and center the free end above the tape. Press down firmly for a minimum of 30 seconds to obtain maximum adhesion.

Secure X-Axis Drag Chain

Using the remaining alcohol wipe, clean the X-Axis Rail approximately three (3) inches from the Left Y-Axis Carriage.

Using the same method to secure the Y-Axis Drag Chain, clean the X-Axis Rail with the alcohol wipe, allowing to dry if alcohol is still present. Apply the VHB tape, keeping the upper side of the protective film on, and pressing down firmly and completely for at least 30 seconds.

Remove the protective film from the upper side of the tape. Center the free end of the X-Axis Drag Chain over the VHB tape and press down firmly for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Bundle Cables

Secure the remaining wires with zip ties to reduce clutter.

Start by pressing all of the wires that cross over the left Y-Axis Carriage down through the cutout as shown in the photo below.

Insert the limit switch cables (black and yellow) first, then the stepper extensions (gray) on top of those.

Adding a zip tie to either side of the cutout will help keep your cables in place and prevent them from coming free from the cutout.

Secure X/Z Wires

The bundle of wires on the back of the X/Z Assembly can be secured to the back of the X-Axis Motor using one of the self-adhesive tie downs provided in the kit. You can see a portion of the self-adhesive tie down attached to the back of the bottom motor in the image below.

Securing Gantry Wires

Moving across the back of the gantry, secure four self-adhesive zip tie mounts to the rails in the positions shown in the image below.

Measuring from the motor mounted on the Right Y-Axis Carriage (when viewed from the back of the Shapeoko XXL), the tie downs should be positioned at the following locations (in inches from the motor): 4”, 14”, 26”, 36”

Using the image above as a reference, zip tie all of the cables at each of the locations shown above. Trim down each of the zip tie ends with a pair of flush cut pliers. Be careful not to cut or knick the cables, as they are very sensitive to damage.

Apply Decals

Your Shapeoko XXL comes with a unique Serial Tag Decal. Peel and apply the decal to the inside of the Y-Left Rail, as shown.

Peel and apply the warning decal to the right side of the X-Axis rail, as shown

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