Shapeoko T-track Quickstart Guide

This versatile T-track system provides a flexible and reliable way to hold down material to your Shapeoko CNC Router.

Instructions below outline how to install the system onto your existing (or new!) Shapeoko CNC Router.


There are 4 different length hex bolts included with the kit. The 4 lengths provided are for different thickness material, see the table below for specifics:

Material Thickness Bolt Length
0-1/2” (0-12mm) 1-1/4” Bolt
1/2” - 3/4” (12-20mm) 1-3/4” Bolt
3/4” - 1” (20-26mm) 2” Bolt
1-1/4” (26-32mm) 2-1/4” Bolt


To get the most out of your hold down clamps, use a piece of drop material slightly thicker than the material you are cutting. If the back end of the clamp is higher than the material, you will get greater downward pressure and reduce the chances of your part coming free or shifting during heavy cutting.


You can easily make your own replacement clamps and filler strips. Files for both have been included below.

Clamp Specs

The clamps are made from red oak material, 1/2” thick measuring 1” wide by 4” long. You can substitute other materials, but we have found red oak (or other hardwood) or baltic birch playwood to work best.

You will need a #201 1/4” cutter to run this job. Download and open the Carbide Create design file to see the full details of the project.

Download File Here

Filler Strips

The filler strips are designed to be replaced. You can purchase more here:

If you have a table saw, or a circular saw with a straight edge, you can easily make your own replacements.

The material is 3/4” MDF, but we have also found 3/4” Baltic birch, or other high grade plywood to work well.

Download the zip file for the Shapeoko 3 here:

Shapeoko 3 Filler Strips

Shapeoko XL Filler Strips

Shapeoko XXL Filler Strips

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