Shapeoko XXL T-Track installation


Item Description   Qty  
1-1/4″ Hex Bolt (1/4-20 tpi) - 4  
1-3/4″ Hex Bolt (1/4-20 tpi) - 4  
2″ Hex Bolt (1/4-20 tpi) - 4  
2-1/4″ Hex Bolt (1/4-20 tpi) - 4  
Thumb Nuts (1/4-20 tpi) - 4  
Clamps 1″×4″, Red Oak - 4  
T-tracks 39″ length - 4  
Side Filler 4-1/2″ × 39″, MDF - 2  
Middle Filler 10 × 39″, MDF - 3  
#8 × 1/2″ Screw (to secure T-Tracks) - 50  
#8 × 1-1/4″ Screw (to secure filler strips) - 30  
#2 Phillips Driver (magnetic, 1/4″ hex) - 1  
5/64″ Drill Bit (to pre-drill screw holes) - 1  


Beginning on the left side of the machine, place one Side Filler strip flush the edge and flush with the front of the table. It is helpful to clamp this piece in place once you have it aligned.

Take one of the 4 provided T-tracks, and align it with the front edge. Keep this T-track pressed against the side filler strip. There should be no gap.

Continue with this same method by next laying down a middle filler strip, then another T-track, then another middle filler strip, then another T-track, then the last side filler.

When you get to the end, both filler strips should be flush with both edges of the stock MDF board from left to right.


You have two options here.

Option 1 — For the perfectionist: We included a 5/64″ drill bit with this kit. If you were so inclined, you could transfer all of the holes, as they are laid out. Then remove all of the pieces, and pre-drill each one.

Option 2 — For the impatient: If you would rather not do the pre-drilling, that’s fine. Just skip to the next section. We won’t hold it against you.


Using the #2 Phillips driver bit, begin by attaching the left filler strip with 3× 1-1/4″ screws, making sure it does not shift as you drive the screws in. The white circles in the photo above represent the locations for each of the 1-1/4″ screws.

The T-Tracks are attached using the 1/2″ long screws. You will need one in each hole, so 8 screws total per T-Track, 24 total screws. As you attach the T-track, make sure it is flush to the front and stays snug against the filler strips.

Each of the middle filler pieces are attached using 6× 1-1/4″ screws. Start from one end and work your way to the other, keeping close attention to not letting the piece ride up the screws. Some downward pressure will help with this.

Work your way all the way across the table, trying not to strip any of the screws. Setting your cordless drill to a lower torque setting can help prevent this. Once all of the screws are installed, you are finished and can begin using your T-Track table!

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