I found a third-party add-ons, upgrade/modification that I would like to add to my machine, is that okay?

Sure. We understand that there will be third parties that offer add-ons and modifications to our machines that can enable our customers to uniquely customize their machines to add value and enhance the user experience that might be difficult for Carbide 3D to easily accommodate.

It is important to remember that if you are using third-party add-ons, we cannot ensure the same high-quality performance on your machine. Because we did not design our machines with these third party enhancements in mind, we will be unable to provide support for them. Any and all troubleshooting will need to be directed to the manufacturer of the add-on.

What happens to the warranty? Using third-party add-ons will void the warranty of the machine. Because we cannot predict or oversee the consequences of using an add-on, any damage caused by third-party products will not be repaired under warranty and we will not be able to help improve any disappointing machining results.



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