Warranty Information

Warranty and Support

The Nomad and Shapeoko 3 both come with a warranty that covers all manufacturing defects (18 months for the Nomad, 12 months for the Shapeoko line (3/XL/XXL)). If we made a mistake, we’ll make it right.

How are support and repairs handled?

To diagnose a problem, we prefer to get on a Skype video call so we can talk face-to-face and watch the machine in action. We’re available to help via phone as well, but Skype always seems to get problems resolved quicker.

Because we want to minimize downtime, and the difficulty of shipping our machines, we always prefer to send parts out to you if at all possible. We’ll be available to walk you through the process of installing the parts.

If the repair is more complicated, or you’re not comfortable doing it, we’ll have you send the machine back to us.

What if the problem isn’t covered by the warranty?

We’ll still work with you to diagnose it, and then we’ll figure out how to get it fixed.

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