Controller Firmware Information


Carbide Motion v3 + GRBL v0.9

Your Machine’s controller ships with GRBL v0.9 firmware installed and configured. This is the latest stable branch of the firmware we have been shipping for almost 2 years.

The version of Carbide Motion that runs with GRBL v0.9 is Version 3.0. That download was provided with the emails you received after purchasing.

You don’t have to do anything to make this work! If you are into testing the latest software, read on to the next section.

Next Generation

Carbide Motion v4 + GRBL v1.1

If you would like to try the new version of Carbide Motion (v4), you will need to update your controller firmware to GRBL v1.1. To do so, follow the guide on this page

  • Carbide Motion v4 + GRBL v1.1 Adds the following features
  • Improved Interface
  • Improved stability
  • Smoother Gcode Parsing
  • Real Time Feed Rate Overrides
  • Parking


Future Releases

While upgrading is not required, All future releases of Carbide Motion will be on the v4+ platform.

See the support page for more information.



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