Will Shapeoko Work with 220 Volts?


The Shapeoko electronics are compatible with 220V power. 

The kit includes a wall adapter (shown below) that accepts 110V–240VAC and is self switching and outputs DC voltage compatible with the machine controller. The power supply does come with an American C-13 grounded cord (standard C13 cord with a NEMA 5-20 plug), so you will be responsible for switching that part out of it is not compatible with your mains power style.  Below is an image of the power supply and mains cord:

C13 Plug

The cord looks like this, and we are told is easily sourced locally to fit your particular wall plug.

Trim Router

The Carbide Compact Router is NOT compatible with 220VAC!

If you live somewhere that 100VAC mains power is not the norm, then you will need to source a 220VAC version. Trim routers that we know work with the default Shapeoko mount are: Dewalt D26200 Trim router,  found here on amazon.co.uk The machine ships with a 65mm adapter ring which works well with a Makita RT0700. Please note that trim routers come with a dizzying array of accessories, most of which do not apply to use with a CNC, and conscientious research and shopping may yield a better price.



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