How Much is Shipping?

The Shapeoko and Nomad CNC machines are big heavy machines. Here are their respective sizes and weights:

**Machine** **Package** **Weight**
Nomad 883 24" × 24" × 20" 65lbs
Shapeoko 33" × 26" × 10" 70.5 lbs
Shapeoko XL 48" × 26" × 12" 100 lbs
Shapeoko XXL 48" × 26" × 12" 145 lbs

If ordered with a router, it will normally ship in the box with the machine.

Because of their large size and weight, shipping to some parts of the world is a very expensive endeavour. We have done our best to minimize the shipping costs to as many places as we can, we have also opted to not up-charge for shipping and handling, instead we charge you the exact price we are charged by the carriers to deliver your package. 

To find out exactly how much it will cost to ship a machine to your doorstep, office, or workshop, follow these easy instructions:

1.) Visit the product page of the machine you are interested in (Shapeoko or Nomad). Add the product to the cart by clicking ‘Add to Cart’.

2.) After the product has been added to your cart, you’ll be redirected to the cart page. From here, choose ‘checkout’. 

3.) After clicking checkout, you’ll be presented with a form to fill in your shipping information. If you accurately fill out this form, the next step will yield accurate shipping costs.

4.) After filling out your shipping information and clicking continue, you’ll be presented with the available shipping options for your location. 



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