List Of Supported Gcodes

The following are supported on the Nomad and Shapeoko 3 using Carbide Motion:

  • G0 — Rapid positioning
  • G1 — Linear movement at specified Feed rate (F)
  • G2, G3 — Movement in an arc at specified Feed rate (F)
  • G4 — Dwell

  • G17, G18, G19 — Select a plane for arcs

  • G20 — Select Imperial units
  • G21 — Select metric units

  • G28 — Go to Pre-Defined Position
  • G28.2 — Run homing cycle

  • G40, G43, G49 (Accepted but ignored)

  • G54–G59 (Accepted but ignored) — Note that Carbide Motion uses work coordinate systems internall and care must be taken when interacting with them not to overwrite its settings

  • G90 — Absolute distance mode
  • G91 — Relative distance mode
  • G91.1 — Arc radius mode

  • M0 — Program Pause and End — in Carbide Motion this will allow one to run a program again.
  • M1 — Sleep (optional stop)
  • M2 — Program Pause and End (see below)
  • M30 — Program Pause and End — in Carbide Motion this may return the machine to the machine origin

  • M6 — Tool change — this is implemented in Carbide Motion to facilitate the Nomad tool length sensor for changing tools

  • M3 — Spindle direction clockwise (starts the spindle)
  • M5 — Stop spindle rotation
  • M7, M9 (Accepted but ignored)


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