What software comes standard with each machine?

Nomad 883 Pro and Shapeoko 3 come with all the software you need to start using your new machine!

Carbide Motion

Our custom made machine control software that allows you to control your machine from your computer. From Carbide Motion you can Home, Jog, Zero, load G-code files, and generally control your machine.

Carbide Create

Our custom made CAD / CAM software. The package has built-in design tools to use in creating your next CNC project along with the ability to import DXF and SVG files. Carbide Create has a powerful toolpath engine which creates the G-Code to make your designs into physical goods.

If you’re interested in seeing Carbide Motion and Carbide Create in action, take a look at the video series we made:  http://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/video/


The Nomad 883 Pro ships with our 3D CAM Software: MeshCAM

MeshCAM is an intuitive CAM package that works with STL files, 2D raster images, 2D CAD files such as DXF, and even Illustrator files. MeshCAM allows you to import any of those file types, and with just a few clicks, create great toolpaths that work flawlessly on your Nomad. 

More about Software

Updates - Early and Often: We update our software often and really pride ourselves on the fact that we’re constantly improving how you can interact with the machine. In the last 12 months we have published 3 new versions of Carbide Motion and more than 20 new builds of Carbide Create! Most of these improvements were suggestions and feature requests from our customers.

Try it out!

Our software is  ’activated’ by connecting to one of our machines. But, with Carbide Create, you can use the software even without a machine.

If you want to make sure it works with your computer or get a better feel for how it works in general, head over to the download page and give it a try today:  http://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/download


  • 3D Models - MeshCAM will accept an STL file - so if your 3D modeling program can save an STL, MeshCAM will load it.
  • 2D Formats - Carbide Create will accept DXF and SVG files. MeshCAM will accept DXF, Illustrator, and even image files. 
  • G-Code - Nomad 883 Pro and Shapeoko 3 will accept standard G-Code — so if you already have your favorite CAD/CAM solution, go ahead and use it!



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