Minibox Project

This project uses the Shapeoko XXL to create a tiny box using slot and tab design.

Material Required: 1/2″ thick, 24″ × 24″ material. (The tutorial uses Baltic Birch plywood, but you can use any material you want.)

Cutters Required:

  1. #102 - 1/8″ square endmill
  2. #201 - 1/4″ square endmill.

Run Time: About 40 minutes (with toolchange)

Forum Post with further discussion (or to ask questions) can be found here.

Download Files

The files can be download for this project below. The zip files contains the Carbide Create design file (.c2d) with the toolpaths already generated, but disabled. The G-Code for the project is also included for reference — one file for the #102 cutter and the second file for the #201 cutter.

Download Zip File Here

Carbide Create

carbide create screenshot

This project was made with Carbide Create — if you haven’t downloaded the program yet or do not know if you have the latest version, head over to the download page and grab a copy for yourself.

Carbide Create is a cross platform CAD/CAM program that is free to use and highly compatible with most CNC machines on the market.

Get Carbide Create here

More Information

The drawer bottoms are simple rectangles: 6.5″ × 4.5″ × 1/8″ (quantity 2). If you have a table saw, use that because it was faster. But you can cut them with a mitre saw, or even the Shapeoko if need be.

Other Notes:

  • The job takes about 40 minutes to complete.
  • The origin is bottom left corner
  • Z-Zero is the top of the material

Below are a few images from the process of building this project.



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