Eccentric Nuts


How eccentrics work:

The center of the nut, is offset from the center of the body.

Turning the nut will adjust the distance from the wheel to the rail.

Locate the Eccentric Nuts

  • Y-Left
  • Y-Right
  • X-Carriage
  • Z-Carriage


Tensioning the wheels is as simple as turning the nut clockwise.

The objective is to snug the wheel against the rail.

Specifically, the wheel should only be touching the rail — it does not need to be squeezing the rail.

To obtain the proper tension, use the lifting technique.

  • Placing your thumb on the top of the rail, loop your 4 fingers below the carriage.
  • Squeeze the carriage UP and feel for any play.
  • Play will present itself as feeling the plate moving up, then down when releasing

The wheels will be properly tensioned when there is no play between the wheels and the rail.

After tensioning, the carriage should still slide smoothly across the rail, with only slightly more resistance than without the wheels tightened. The travel should be smooth and “bump” free.




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